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By making use of the content management system that is build into the control panel, you have full access to take control of your mobile website.

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Win new visitors to your site through quick and easy access to all your relevant information.

Don't miss out on business!

All these Features come standard when you order any of our goMobi mobile website packages - and aside from the DIY package we set it all up for you if you provide your details!

These Features come standard when you order our DIY package(but you have to do the setup and maintenance yourself)

Basic goMobi Features

Advanced goMobi Features

Call Button

Customers can call you with one click from anywhere within the site, multiple phone numbers supported.

Opening Hours

Let your visitors know when you are open or closed, with built in dynamic opening hours features.

Location Button

Shows your location with one click. Google maps and directions. Multiple locations supported.

Website Link

Includes a link to your full website from your Mobile website, giving customers extra choice.


goMobi can Integrate your Facebook Page in your Mobile Site, which updates automatically.


goMobi can display your Tweets on your mobile site - with automatic updating.

Google plus

Drive chat about your business by giving visitors access to your Google+ page.

Device Detection

Your site is viewed flawlessly across thousands of mobile devices.

Bookmark Icon

Add a bookmark icon so users can return to your mobile site from their home screen.

Booking Request

Let customers request a reservation. Link to booking engines, or add a booking request form.

Add Pages

Create new mobile friendly and editable text pages to your site and add images into the text.

Site Translation

Allow your mobile site visitors to select a language of their choice. Translate your site content into over 30 different languages.

Image Gallery

Showcase your business with images. Link to an existing gallery or upload images to create a gallery. Optimizes images for each device.


Display your latest Business Reviews from Yelp and Foursquare on your Mobile Site. Automatically updates.

YouTube Video

Show case your business with videos. Add a link to a YouTube video or a YouTube playlist/channel.

Add Links

Create links to other web pages, email or SMS number that will complement your business e.g. taxi services if you run a restaurant.

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Vouchers & Coupons

Create Special Offers and convert leads, multiple redeemable coupons supported.

QR Codes

Promote your site by generating QR codes and marketing flyers for any page of your site.

Call Me Back Button

Never miss a call. Your customers leave a number and you call them back.

Tell A Friend

Grow traffic by enabling visitors to share information on your business via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and email with one click.

Leave Message

Let customers leave a message for you via the email address you provide.

Keep Me Informed

Maximize contact with customers. Get opt-ins for email and text messages.

News Feed

Engage your customers by sharing your news (via RSS or other feed type).


Let your customers get to know you - share information on your business.


Don't forget to share the fine print! Here is the space for your terms and conditions of trade.

Products / Shop

Share info on your products to help convert more leads. Use Paypal so customers can purchase from your site. Spread the word with Google  AdWords.

Your Services

Share info on your service to help create more leads. Use Paypal so customers can purchase from your site. Spread the word using AdWords.


Engage your customers by providing instant access to your blog, content automatically updates.


Built in custom made forms to suit your business. Multiple forms supported. To create a form to suit your business needs simply add information.

Event Calendar

Display Events from a Google Calendar on your mobile site, content updates automatically.


Monetise your site. Include ads with Google AdSense, Adfonic, Mojiva or Smaato and add revenue to your business.

Site SEO

Add keywords so search engines can understand your business and you can grow traffic. There will be no visible changes to your mobile site.

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On top of all these goMobi features MacMobi also offers a goMobi
 for your products and services that we can set up for you. Please, get in touch if you require one.

goMobi Features goMobi Examples Getting Started

Price List

Custom made price lists for your business. Single table of up to three columns (with headings), and 12 rows (not including the headings).

GPS Check In

Allow customers to connect with your business through popular location based social sites including FourSquare and Google Places.