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By making use of the content management system that is build into the control panel, you have full access to take control of your mobile website.

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Win new visitors to your site through quick and easy access to all your relevant information.

Don't miss out on business!

Getting started with your MacMobi goMobi mobile website

  1. To edit your MacMobi goMobi site, go to edit.macmobi.co.uk.
  2. Log in using the username and password provided. (If you have previously changed your log in details, use those instead.)
  3. We strongly recommend you change your password. To do so, click the PROFILE tab. This will take you to a page where you may enter a new password. You can also change your username and email address on this page.
  4. To edit your site, click the YOUR DOMAINS tab.
  5. Click the GoMobi link under Service.
  6. Under settings, click LAUNCH SITE BUILDER. This will open the goMobi Site Builder panel. Please note that this won't work if you have disabled Javascript or third party cookies in your browser. If you have you must re-enable them while you are working with your site.

IMPORTANT: Please note, each change you make will be applied to the live site immediately when you click its feature Update button

  1. For assistance in using the Site Builder, click the Help button near the top right of the Site Builder panel or contact us.

Website redirection - linking your mobile site to your main site

If you have a main website you can set it up (or we can help) so that visitors from a smartphone are shown the mobile site instead. We strongly advise doing this because mobile visitors might come to your non-mobile site via an Internet search or a link.

The goMobi Site Builder provides the code to include in your site. There are several choices. The right choice for you depends on how your main website has been built.

If your site uses PHP, we can provide an alternative re-direct script for you to use, which can provide a better user experience than the goMobi-provided script.

Redirecting mobile visitors to your mobile site whilst still allowing them to view your main site if they (and you) wish, could make a difference for your business.

If you have any problems with this, please feel free to contact us for help. We recognise the importance of this functionality and that it can be confusing and tricky to get right and so will not charge for this. (We will however make a small administration charge if you wish us to configure your existing site for you, except where that is already included in your package.

(NB We are not the only providers of goMobi. Before choosing another provider over us, if this functionality is important to you, first check that they will provide help with it, unless you are confident you can do it yourself.)

Price Lists for your products or services

We offer price list setup as an optional extra (Examples: If you open one of our goMobi examples and click on a “Prices” button, you can see their use).

If you would like us to create a price list for your MacMobi goMobi site, please contact us.

If we have set up a price list for you, we will make initial corrections and minor changes at no extra charge.

We make a small charge for subsequent updates.

At this time it is not possible for you to update price lists that we create for you.

goMobi does not provide a specific price list feature.

If you wish to create your own price lists, you may use goMobi’s "Create Page" feature or create an external page which you link to from goMobi.

Please contact us for further information.

goMobi SITE BUILDER Known Issue:

Some goMobi features allow you to edit the HTML source code of a page. In goMobi v1.8 this HTML editor does not fit properly into the width provided so that text and buttons on the far right are not visible. There are two work-arounds:

1) click on the top of the source code page to move it where you need it


2) because HTML treats new lines as white space, you can usually insert a line break to make the end of the line visible without effecting the result. To guarantee no adverse effect, delete the new line before saving.

The save and cancel buttons are also effected.

To save changes, click the partially visible button  on the far right at the bottom of the editor. It appears as a blue square with no text visible.

To cancel without saving changes, press the escape key (labelled Esc on most keyboards).

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